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Post by ❦ωσℓƒ❦ on Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:30 pm

Roleplay Rules:

Content has to be child-friendly at ALL times because we may have some younger users.

Any users who:
1.Use foul language
2.Explicit sexual scenes
3.Use excessive violence or torture
4.Use ANY adult themes

Will be either:
or can't post/be suspended from Wowlves for a certain amount of time.

So don't say that you HAVN'T been warned because you HAVE.

We do accept these types of roleplays:
Realistic human roleplays,
Fantasy human roleplays,
Realistic animal roleplays,
Fantasy animal roleplays
or just one with one roleplays.

Have anymore enquiries about roleplays? Then ask one of the staff members!

We are a l l . m a d here and as you may have noticed I'm not all here myself!
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