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Post by Dark Moon on Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:47 pm

Felisfire is a really fun game, with multiple cat-like species that have wings.
Site currency is Energy, that can be obtained by posting in the forums or playing games. Another currency are Orbs, which have to be bought with real money, but can also be traded for Energy inside the site's system.
When you start you get 6 eggs of species Felidae, for which you can choose markings, colour of their coat and their eyes and even edit them later, using special items.
This is mainly a breeding game, where you can even breed together different species (Felidae, Aquus, Zerda, Chetae, Igneo, Iuridon and Xano). I really love people being so kind - I was gifted plenty of gorgeous feli once I joined.You can also gather and hunt with your feli, trying to bring down bigger animals or find every single item in the game. When gathering, you can sometimes encounter a wild Felidae, that can ignore your feli, breed with it or even attack it. In that case, you have 50% chance yours will beat it and you can then attempt to capture the unlucky attacker.
If your interested, please click the link below and put me, Dark Moon as your referral. Contact me once you've joined and I'll gift you one of the kittens i've bred.


A few pics

Felis Fire Belle (#400516)

Felis Fire Red (#369908) *Frozen*

If you need any help feel free to ask me or any of the other GH and moderators.

Felis Fire Warrior_Cat_Paw_by_samxoxoxo

I'm aspiring to be an author someday and will do any kind of writing for you.Stories or backgrounds, etc. I will happily do for you.
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